Aripuca wood preservation park

in Northern Argentina

The entrada (see sign behind my head) to Aripuca is a wood preservation park near the worlds widest waterfalls (Cataratas de Iguazu) in the northern tip of Argentina where Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay meet at the three points.  Pictures of Aripuca below.  Pictures of the magnificient falls & 3 points coming soon...

Aripuca only takes an hour or so to tour.   Some of the tour books say a half hour but we were there for at least 2 hours. 

It is not a huge place but it is hugely interesting.

What a garden furniture set.  Some of this knarly looking stuff is from tree roots (as you can see in the end of the bench facing you on the right). 

 This park demonstrates practical, artistic and original incarnations of wood preservation.  The park's goals is to increase appreciation of forests and wood in general.  The park curators go into the forest to "rescue" discarded or dead/fallen trees that are of particular size & beauty.   As you'll see through the pictures, they really have some style in their do-gooding.  One man's trash is another's treasure...

Go to Aripuca, Argentina.  Enjoy.  A real tourist "trap" (see below)

Entrance to Aripuca

The 2 structures (top & right) were massive in size as you can tell..

Aripuca means "trap".   The above gigantic building mimics this trap structure.   
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We entered through the tree at top of page, went down a hallway that resembled the inside of tree and pictured above is the inside entrance to the welcome center part of the park.  Click play above and watch these huge and heavy doors just float open.
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Video of guide showing a working trap (Aripuca).  Push play to watch. On left is a video showing one of the traps used to capture food by the indigenous people of this area.

This is a truly huge log. The protruding log is - I guess - the trigger for the trap as shown in video above.
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I didn't see any attachment means connective the logs.   The cafe is in background. 

The inside of this log building was unreal.

This table was about 6' x 18'.  It was huge and the top looked like wood glass

Even piles of wood are simple works of art.  There were explanations of everything on the paper you see tacked to the wood.   Of course, I didn't take good notes.
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Check out the little wooden man in the lower left corner.   

She's always making friends.

To get an idea of size look how small the man is in the picture to the left.  This building was humongous!

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Miriam at the Aripuca Park Cafe!

Closeup of the cafe.  The waiter looks a lot like the guy giving the demonstrations earlier.  What's going on here?
Beautiful wooden bench from stumps & logs. This lawn furniture is not available at Lowes.
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Okay, I said they make everything out of wood.  Case in point...above is a hot & cold water dispenser.  To the right... Above is a wood burning stove made out of wood.  I know...I know...

Dozens of shapely tables made from roots outside these building made from tree trunks with lots o students inside having fun learning music with wood instruments.

Harp player.  He played beautifully.  In the building he is playing in (pictured to left), the sound was immersing.
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Bag made from a coconut leaf I believe Simple log bench. I want to build one for my house.
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Giving a little support. It was - for me- like a completely different world.  Very dreamy calm and original in design.  Aripuca rocks.
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Shooting a handmade bow & arrow.  Somebody could lose an eye (or worse).  Look at that building above.  It is from a tree trunk.  Kissing babies.  Look at the tree trunk shells we are standing under.
First wood chandelier I've ever seen. This is the inside of the building where the harp player was.  Second wood chandelier I've seen
The paneling in front of the sexy broad (Miriam) at the counter is a mix of woods found in the Argentinian rain forest. One corner of the very pretty store.
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Front porch of Aripuca store. Cafe in BG. Flower box in front of Aripuca park store.
Relaxing on the tree root tables. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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